Active since 2011

The Stone Beacon Coven has been an active WitchCraft Tradition in the local alternative spiritual community, leading and participating in public magical Workings.

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Practice and Theory

There's only one way to learn our Tradition: Work!

Theory provides a map, but you still have to set your feet onto the path.

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Beginner Friendly

Every step a person takes is the first step of its kind.

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An Alternative Tradition to the Traditional Alternative

The StoneBeacon Coven is a working group of practitioners--Initiates, Dedicates and Students--of the Mound Tradition of WitchCraft; an evolutionary, non-heteronormative WitchCraft Stream.

Our Mission is to assist the Witch in the Evolution of the Spirit by providing a non-static praxis that can be Worked, Experienced and Lived, offering open admission to those seeking an alternative to overly dogmatic and heteronormative groups and spiritualities.

We create change in the Universe by creating change in ourselves, growing, adapting and evolving.

We explore magical practices to achieve this evolution, part of the purpose to whit, is the breaking down of unnecessary and inappropriate barriers which inhibit the growth of the individual.

We have built strong alliances with the Guardians of the Mound, the Mound itself, Ancestral Spirits, and Terrestrial Spirits, and continue honoring them as we explore the Hidden Realms where angels fear to tread.


Next Steps...

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