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We are our own worst critics and there are times when that voice inside our heads, criticizing everything we do and who we are, gets a little too loud. Learning to take control of one’s mental processes is an important key to practicing the Craft, allowing the practitioner greater focus. It’s also a great idea to have these concepts ready for those times when you’re performing a rite or spell work, and you start doubting yourself.


Here are 3 steps to silence the mental critic for good:

First, ask yourself:

  • Are my thoughts driven by my rational or emotional mind?
  • Are my thoughts a realistic representation of what’s going on, of who I am and how capable I am of doing things?
  • What evidence do I have against and for my thinking?

When you start to rationalize the situation and try to emotionally detach, you start to realize that your frustration is speaking, not your ability.

Then, take yourself out of the situation:

  • If my friend was saying this to themselves, what would I say to them to challenge their negative self-talk?
  • How would I tell them to reframe the situation in a more positive light?

Taking yourself out of the situation enables you to think more creatively and see it from a different angle.

Last but not least, look at the bigger picture:

  • What’s the worst thing that could happen here? How likely is it?
  • What’s the best thing that could happen here?

Read the full article by Susanna M. Halonen MAPP at the link below.

Source: 8 Questions to Restore Your Faith in Yourself | Psychology Today

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