Merry Christmas

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Is it odd to wish people a Merry Christmas, even though we aren’t Christian?

Stepping outside the usual box that many pagans wrap themselves up in during this time of year, reaching into history to find gods that share the same birthday as the Christ Child, declaring it a reinterpretation of Yule,the Feast of Sol Invictus, etc, let’s take a different course. Let’s choose to break out of that box and look at Christmas through a different lense.

Durriken's XMas Tree, 2016
Durriken’s XMas Tree, 2016

If we focus solely on the religiosity of the day, and thus remind ourselves of the massive chip on our collective shoulder–wrought by the abuses of our early days practicing alternative spiritualities when those we cared for replied to our new found hope with ignorance and mischief–the potential for leaving our path to engage in angry and useless tirades grows with each festive image in our newsfeed, our media viewing, and our daily commute.
Consider instead the Spirit that awakens this time of year. Summoned by collective focus on generosity of self, charitable acts and the spoken magical formula, “Merry Christmas,” or even, “Happy Holidays,” magic is then done by the hands of those who never thought of themselves as magical.

And of that Spirit, do you not wonder what it looks like? Is it an old entity wearing a modern guise? What sort of personality does it have? What potential remains untapped? What offerings does it accept, and what are its taboos?

Practicing the Craft is more than honoring and observing ancient traditions, more than Casting and Conjuring. It is Environmental. Christmas is part of that environment, and just because we don’t believe as our Christian brethren do, doesn’t negate the principles of the Craft. Principles like Thoughts are Things and Magic goes where thoughts flow.

As you go through your day, focus on the Craft Work in play. You might be surprised, and for one day you may even replace “So mote it be” with “Merry Christmas.”

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