Our Vision

By offering open admission to those seeking an alternative to overly dogmatic and heteronormative groups and spiritualities, who have a heartfelt desire to grow and are willing to do the Work necessary to do so, we hope to grow our Coven and our Tradition, bringing the praxis of the Mound to the Pagan Communities of Salt Lake, and beyond.

As a Coven with deep practices in Ancestral and Spirit Work, we hope to provide a Sacred Space where everyone may gain insight to their future, by working with their past.

By strengthening our relationships and maintaining a strong, beneficial presence in the community, we hope to share ourselves with others, so that those who feel the pull of the Mound may come Home, and those passing through may find the Path that best fits their feet.

We hope to bring participants to all of our Fête Days, so that even those who do not share our Tradition can still experience the evolutionary, life changing and deeply abiding practices of the Mound.

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