What are Crossroads?

The following information about Crossroads was researched and presented by Nadya in 2014.

What are Crossroads?

A crossroads is literally an intersection where two or more roads meet. In its metaphorical sense, however, the term can refer to any sort of abstract place, location, event, or forum where people meet and share ideas. In addition, crossroads play a key role in the religion, folklore, and magic traditions of many cultures. A crossroads is seen as no-man’s land, not owned by anyone, and, as such, is a perfect place to conduct a ritual, cast a spell, or creates a makeshift altar. The crossroads is a location “between the worlds,” a site where supernatural spirits can be contacted and paranormal events can take place. Symbolically, it can mean a locality where two realms touch, a place literally “neither here nor there.”

A crossroad can be more than that it is betwixt and between we could also look at is a meeting place or the mound. They are believed to be the source of psychic power. People in older times were superstitious of crossroads the power from the energy from people crossing could be used for anything.

Many beings are associated with crossroads, faeries, the devil, and spirits. It is said to never fall asleep at the crossroads as you may end in the land of the dead. Some believe that crossroads protected the living from vengeful spirits which is why at one point gallows were built near crossroads. Victims of murder and those who had committed suicide were also buried at the crossroads so that their spirits would not wander.

Gods and Goddess associated with crossroads.

  • Hecate: Offerings of food and cakes were placed at the crossroads to appease Hecate.
  • Bhairva: Indian god who guarded the crossroads of each town, he was the watcher of boundaries between the worlds. He also would open doorways to new information from other places.
  • There are many African Gods and Goddess associated with crossroads. Eshu, Legba, Ellegua, Ndumba, Pomba Gira, and also a Hoodoo Devil. In Hoodoo the devil is considered a trickster, crafty and wise but not really evil.
  • Lara, mother of the dead: Lara’s themes are peace, death and protection. Her symbols are roses, violets, wine and crossroads. She was guardian of ancestral spirits in whose care is the home, the family and by extensions, the community. According to tradition, crossroads are sacred spots for Lara, being the meeting of two roads, symbolic of an area where the temporal world and spirit world ‘cross’ over one another.

Stories, legends, and myths associated with crossroads:

Robert Johnson and the crossroads curse. Much of Johnson’s life is shrouded in mystery. Part of the lasting mythology around him is a story of how he gained his musical talents by making a bargain with the devil: Son House, a famed blues musician and a contemporary of Johnson, claimed after Johnson achieved fame that the musician had previously been a decent harmonica player, but a terrible guitarist—that is, until Johnson disappeared for a few weeks in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Legend has it that Johnson took his guitar to the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61, where he made a deal with the devil, who returned his guitar in exchange for his soul. Only 27, Johnson died on August 16, 1938, as the suspected victim of a deliberate poisoning.

The legend had such a hold that it was turned into several movies and even into an episode of Supernatural. The name of the episode was called crossroad blues. In Crossroad Blues we first meet the Crossroad Demon, a wicked entity that can be summoned to grant your heart’s desire.

The price? Eventually your soul will be claimed and you’ll be dragged kicking and screaming to hell. In this second season episode, Dean considers making a deal with the demon to bring his father back from the dead, but the junior Winchester ends up fighting temptation and instead saves a self-sacrificing, married man from the snapping jaws of hellhounds.


In Brazil, A human only will become a “lobisomem” if he was the 7th children (male) from the same father and mother. He changes into a “lobisomem”, for the first time when he is 13 years old. Just for two hours: from Midnight to 2:00 am. Always on Friday during Lent. In some places of Brazil (Portuguese colonization is responsible for the legend in that Country), the damned man changes in a crossroad, Friday night (usually the 13th), after midnight when the moon is full.

The importance of crossroads:

For Witches crossroads is a meeting place. It’s a place that is neither here nor there; we can meet our guardians, our ancestors, those we work with. It is a world within a world, a place that is betwixt and between. Power can be collected at crossroads as the roads have been traveled many times. Crossroads are universal every place has a crossroad.

The crossroad is just a stop on our journey; it is a place of movement of life, of death, of superstion and a place of power.



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